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Hide and Seek

The young boy was being followed. He wasn’t sure who his pursuer was, just that there was something nipping at his heels after the sunset. His parents said that this was impossible, that there could be nothing follosurat nur verse 31wing him during times when they knew he was alone. Yet, however many times his parents tried to console him, and however silly his ideas seemed the next morning, he began to fear nightfall. He started to take note of his surroundings and the day his lucky pen went missing became a celebration of sorts, for the young boy now had proof that there was indeed a stalker and once the young boy came to terms with their existence, he became determined to prove his parents wrong. Time began to pass and the boy felt the presence of his shadow wane and wax. It was like clockwork, and the boy began to predict the arrival of his unknown friend yet still, he received no new information. He became impatient and agitated and begged any entity, known and unknown, to answer his one burning question: Who was following him? 

Over time, the boy became accustomed to the presence of his pursuer and eventually, he came to think of his shadow as more of a constant companion. His burning determination to find his answer dwindled into the smallest of flames and he almost completely forgot about the youthful question. On the day his neighborhood had a power outage, the boy was at his desk studying for an upcoming exam and while the lack of electricity was irritating, he knew better than to leave his room and risk waking his family. This left him to do his studying under the strong light of the full moon. As he worked, he became acutely aware of someone staring at him. The boy’s curiosity had peaked, as this was the same feeling of pursuit that he had gotten so accustomed to. Glancing upwards he saw the moon, but it was different from how he last remembered it. Looking closer the boy could clearly make out two eyes, a nose and a pair of smiling lips, locked in the expression of the winner in a game of hide and seek. 

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