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Injustice : A poem by Melissa Hernandez

I’m not trying to cry –

But this situation has me on my knees.

Crying my eyes out and praying

Maybe someone can save us.

We’re lost 

in a world of darkness

A stalemate against our heritage 

 Where they all seem blindfolded to us.

We’re lost 

in our pasts of racism and slavery.

While our world is crumbling –


Deaths worldwide shake our nations!

The visions of our generation is diminishing

What can I do to stay alive?

Fight hard or let myself die. 

Minorities are sought out and we are battered alive

Why was I born into a world of hate and racism?

Your president tells us to live our lives

Not acknowledging the blood on his hands and 

the bodies of our loved ones at his feet and on the street.

We’re locked in cages and our privileges are taken

We work harder than any other in this nation

White privilege is imminent, 

kin Color and Race Matters.

Im hispanic, and for that I’m put in an immediate panic

I worry for my families safety

I am against the hate that is instilled in our mindsets ever since early age

We learn that privilege comes with the color of your skin

We fight a constant battle every day, judged for our race


About The Poet

Melissa Hernandez is a rising junior in Yucaipa, CA. She loves writing poetry that relates to things she experienced and witnessed first hand. She is also an avid athlete and loves running on her school’s track and field team. Finally, she aspires to get into an ivy league university in 2022!

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