Not Like Other Girls

There’s something about the phrase “I’m not like other girls” that a lot of girls growing up thinking. Sometimes these words are said with a note of pride, something that makes them stand out from the stereotypes that are so common tv shows, movies, and books. Below is an open-letter of sorts, to that phrase and to a few of the character-types seen on the screen.

I’m not like other girls,

There are no girls that are alike,

None so identical as a media caricature

Of vapid girls, and bitter wives,

Of wicked witches, and blushing brides.

But should any girl see an echo,

See reflections, of quiet, creeping resemblance,

To the women on the screen

There’s no crime to that, no fault, no shame,

To see echoes of you given a voice and a name

If there are damsels in distress out there,

Know that needing a helping hand is not a weakness.

(It is not a life debt to that dashing knight either)

It is a way up, a way out, a real response,

The beginning notes of an echoing shout of,

I’m learning.  

If there are wicked witches,

Well, sometimes they’re just wicked.

But sometimes, they’re shouting in the only way they know

In a grasp at power, and certain control,

Over their lives, wellbeing, their fate and their soul

If there are warriors,

Your strength is more than just abandonment

Of femininity, forged by some misty past.

Your strength is just you, your mind and your heart,

Your kindness, and mischief in all equal parts

Beyond those characters of some shallow depth,

More human than a picture screen,

Than a few paragraphs upon a page.

You’re a woman undefined by the space,

So small you were given, and told to carry with grace

I’m not like other girls,

And neither are you.

No one’s like the other,

Not truly, that’s true

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