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Stronger than the Patriarchy

This particular piece focuses on how while everyday statements such as “don’t throw like a girl” or “stop gossiping like a girl” may seem irrelevant, they possess a much greater underlying meaning. These sexist remarks stem from the core of the patriarchy, but since we are so accustomed to them, we don’t question it. The following feminist prose emphasizes the internalization of misogynistic values, but also reveals that irrespective of this internalization, women hold the ability to rise against the patriarchy.

“Stop gossiping like a woman”

Oh, how easily these sentences flow off our tongue without a second thought

Even those most feminists of us all have been conditioned to think in this manner

The patriarchy, like a centipede, wormed its way into our young ears

Slowly feeding us with talks of woman’s weakness and men’s tales of bravery

And without batting a single eyelash, we chose to accept these tales

We refuse to even cater to the idea that in reality being a woman is the epitome of strength; for, her strength doesn’t lie in the throes of masculinity but rather it is derived from her inability to be conquered despite several attempts by the patriarchy.

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