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I have been thinking a lot about spaces these days, especially the ones women inhabit, the space I inhabit. How much space do we take up? How much space are we even allowed to take up? I wish I could move with the same ease that a man moves, so careless with his freedom and so casually comfortable.

I only recently experienced this casual comfort, during this pandemic. Why is it that when I wear a mask, I feel safe? I don’t feel their wandering eyes. Even when I am at my most covered, I cannot move with ease. Yet, the mask puts me at ease. Maybe it’s because to them, I am just another unrecognizable figure.

So many times have women been liked to houses: belonging, comfort but also confinement with lines and boundaries drawn for us. I really do wonder though what is it about a woman that makes men look at her as a foreign object instead of with belonging. How dare they, especially when we all owe ourselves to Mother Earth.

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