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One Year

It’s been one year since our lives turned upside down.

One year since we hunkered down, eyes glued to the news, waiting expectantly for any sign that our lives would return to normal after a brief interruption.
One year since the last time we hugged our friends and family without fear.
One year since graduates left school for what they didn’t know would be the last time.
One year since we began to grieve for all that we lost.

As we were plunged into quarantine, we were afraid.
We lost countless lives and could only watch helplessly from 6 feet away as our world took a turn for the apocalyptic.
We wondered when we would ever see our loved ones again.
With the world spiralling out of control around us, it was hard not to lose hope.

But despite the pain, we slowly began to thrive.

We learned how to take care of each other and put others first.
We gained valuable time with our families.
We finally had the chance to reconnect with ourselves in solitude.
We used our newfound time to channel our sorrow and fear into art.
We finally took much-needed time to rest and slow down.
We stayed on the frontlines, bravely sacrificing our safety for the lives of strangers.
We learned about injustice and began to take action like never before.
We found new ways to build each other up from afar.
Although we were physically distanced, we were not alone.

I’m sure that you are not where you pictured you would be when you envisioned the future a year ago. But I hope you can remember how far you’ve come.

You survived a year that tested the limits of your sanity, your strength, and your courage. 
You woke up and bravely faced each day no matter what it threw at you.
You adapted over and over again to a world that seemed to shift on its axis daily.
Even if you didn’t do what you’d hoped to during this time, simply making it to this point is an accomplishment. 

It’s been one year since our lives turned upside down. But we have emerged all the more resilient on the other side.

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