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Breaking the Mould

“Are you guys together?”
An insignificant, innocent question.
It means nothing in the grand scheme of things,
But, it matters to me…every time I hear it.
You see, people just assume that my family is not my family 
Just because we look different.

But then again, I should get used to it. 
I mean, everyone’s got a label.
You can’t sit at this table – it’s reserved for the rich kids. 
You’ve got braces and glasses? Congrats, you’re a nerd! 
You can’t play football! Why? ‘Cause you’re a girl.

But don’t you get a little tired of it sometimes? Always being
Confined to our own little boxes where we supposedly “belong,”
As if you can just
Classify human beings like 
Brands of clothing.

Maybe some of us want to break the mould we’ve been told we’re supposed to stay in,
And stop fearing the silent judgements that creep in through
Sideways glances and whispered conversations.
I want to get to know you,
What makes you, 
What excites you and breaks you down,
Not just watch you from afar and speculate.
I want to look past what you look like, 
Get past the dividing lines we think are so permanent. 

Because in the end, we’re all human
And we have connections in the imperfections that make us perfect. 

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