Arts in the Community Survey Results

We recently conducted a city-wide survey for youth aged 12-24 to help us understand the needs of the youth and help direct our future projects to popular demand. Furthermore, to help our initiative be more inclusive and appreciative of diverse ideas. 

Awareness and Underrepresentation in The Arts

From the above two graphs, it is clear that youth need proper representation for arts, especially visual arts, performing arts, and writing/blogging. We hope to get more youth involved and represented in the community by using art forms they’re comfortable with. We also hope to expose more youth to other art forms such as poetry, film, fashion, and music production. Approximately 83.3% of respondents said they felt underrepresented in the community, this number needs to be lowered.

Underrepresented Topics Among Youth

Topics like mental health, trauma, and disabilities are very important and need more representation. Every month, we hope to switch the central issue/topic of the submissions on our blog page. Talking about these types of contemporary issues is very important for youth, especially considering the fact that we are the future. Check out this link for more information on why self-expression is important:

We hope to give you the option to express yourself in the forms you please, but based on the results we will aim to put more focus on articles, stories, news, and interviews. This is YOUR opportunity to speak up, say what’s on your mind, and create change.

Opportunities & Community Involvement

Based on the results, it is clear that many youths in Calgary are unaware or unable to access opportunities for community involvement. Not only do we hope to provide an online platform for youth expression and involvement, but we also want to provide many in-person events that will need both attendees and volunteers. Through career panels, open-mics, and public speaking workshops and conferences you will have full freedom to express yourself through any art form while being mentored by experienced professionals from many fields.

Implementing Results into Future Projects

One of our goals is to immerse youth in the community. Our survey results showed that youth are involved in the community, but there is still more room for impact. We hope to assist in decreasing the number of students who are not involved in the community and maintaining the number of students who are during the time of the pandemic. Although in-person opportunities may not be available over the next few months, we are looking into ways of most effectively utilizing our website since 62% of respondents are unsure if they prefer online methods (you’ll be getting a survey for this as well). 

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